Facebook “Fan Page Landing Tab” Issue Resolved

Yesterday night I wrote about facebook fan page landing tab issue which was faced by many of us. I was not able to figure out why this was happening and hence decided to look more into this issue. I found out that facebook will allow custom landing tab to fan pages with more than 10,000 fans only that too after authentication is completed. That is indeed a terrible decision for small business owners who are planning and are using facebook for increasing their business. Many people complained about this step taken by facebook.

However, today when I checked my fan pages, good news, now people can choose tab of their own choice as facebook landing tab. It seems facebook has rolled back their decision. Now you can choose whatever tab you want to be a landing tab for your business fan page on facebook.

Fan page of
Fan page of is the fan page that I developed and delivered to my friend, after the decision by facebook obviously my friend was not happy to see wall as default landing page. Now, if you visit the fan page you can see Our Story as default landing tab though the fans are less than 10000 in number.

This will certainly give boost and encouragement to small business owners to go on facebook and tap the almost 500 million users. I hope facebook sticks to its decision of allowing custom and FBML developed tabs to be landing tab so that people can make most out of the facebook and their investments.

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  1. Thanks for writing this article Ashish! So to recap, in order to use a different FB landing page for your fan page, first you have to create the new page, then upload your graphic for the page (like you would do for your photo albums, then you edit the “default landing tab” and select this new page, correct?

    Again thanks for your insights.


  2. I have set up a fan page in Facebook, and want to customize my default landing tab, but for some reason, I don’t have the option to select my default landing tab under Manage Permissions. I can’t figure out why, or how to enable that option. Anyone know?

    • If your tab is using FBML you should switch to fb apps as facebook has stopped support and usage of FBML. To set up a landing tab:
      Go to your fan page
      Click on Edit Page on top right corner
      Under manage permissions you will find a drop down with Default landing tab
      Choose the tab that you want to set as default landing tab
      Click on save changes

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Facebook Fan Page landing tab options have been modified

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