सावधान!! नायजेरिअन नाहि, इंडियन फ्रॉड

Cyber Fraud
Cyber Fraud

नायजेरिअन ईमेल फ्रॉड, हा प्रकार आता आपल्या पैकि बहुतेक जणांना माहित झालेलाच आहे. ज्या मध्ये तुम्हाला टिंबाटिंबा रकमेची (मिलिअन डॉलर्स) ची लॉटरी लागली आहे, पैसे पाठवुन देण्यासाठी आमच्या खात्यात एवढे एवढे पैसा पाठवुन द्या, या अश्या प्रकारची लुबाडणुक. पण परवा माझ्याच इनबॉक्स मध्ये अश्याच थाटणीचा एक ईमेल आला. मला कुठलीही लॉटरी लागली नव्हती तर एका प्रतिष्टीत कंपनी मध्ये, मारुती सुझुकी ईंडिया लि. मध्ये नोकरी लागणार होती.

हे असले ईमेल तुम्हाला अथवा तुमच्या मित्रांना आले असतील तर….

हे ईमेल्स हे नाईजेरिअन फ्रॉड्सचेच भारतीय स्वरुप आहे. हे असे ईमेल्स काहि वर्षांपुर्वी येत होते पण मध्येच गायब झाले होते, आता हि टोळी पुन्हा सक्रिय झालेली दिसतीये. कोणतीही कंपनी अश्या स्वरुपात नोकरभरती करत असेल असे वाटत नाहि ज्यात तुम्हाला अगोदरच तुमचा बायोडेटा पाहुन निवडले जाते. सांगणे फक्त एवढेच… सावधान!

मला आलेला ईमेल जश्याचा तसा तुमच्या साठी इथे देत आहे.

Head Office Maruti Suzuki,
India Limited Nelson Mandela Road,
Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070.
Board no.46781000.
Fax: 46150275 and 46150276
Tell: +919899194323


Your Resume has been selected from MONSTER.COM AND NAUKRI.COM for our new
plant. The Company
selected 62 candidates list for Senior Engineer, IT, Administration,
Production, marketing and general service Departments, It is our pleasure to
inform you that your Resume was selected as one of the 62 candidates
shortlisted for the interview.The Company SUZUKI is the best Manufacturing Car
Company in India, The Company is recruiting the candidates for our new Plants
in Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune and Mumbai, your interview will be held at The
Company Corporate office in New Delhi on 12th Of January at 11.30 AM, You will
be pleased to know That The 62 candidates selected 55 candidates will be
giving appointment, Meaning that your Application can progress to final stage.
You will have to come to the Company corporate office in New Delhi.

Your offer letter with Air Ticket will be sent to you by courier before date
of interview. The Company can offer you a salary with benefits for this post
62, 000/- to 200, 000/- P.M. + (HRA + D.A + Conveyance and other Company
benefits. The designation and Job Location will be fixing by Company HRD. At
time of final process. You have to come with photo-copies of all required

1) Photo-copies of Qualification Documents.
2) Photo-copies of Experience Certificates (If any)
3) Photo-copies of Address Proof
4) Two Passport Size Photograph.

You have to deposit the (Cash) as an initial amount in favor of our company
accountant name in charges to collect your payment Rs.10,500/- (Ten Thousand
Five Hundred India Rupees only) through any branch of [STATE BANK OF INDIA OR
account details will be sent to you upon your response. This is a refundable
interview security fee. Your offer letter with Air tickets will be sent to
your Home Address by courier after receiving the confirmation of interview
security deposited in any of the STATE BANK OF INDIA OR ICICI BANK Branch
closer to you.
This Company will pay all the expenditure to you at the time of face-to-face
meeting with you in Company. The Job profile, salary offer, and date -time of
interview will be mention in your offer letter. Your offer letter will
dispatch very shortly after receiving your confirmation of cash deposited in

We wish you the best of luck for the subsequent and remaining stage. The last
date of security deposited in bank 8th of january you have to give the
information after deposited the security amount in bank to the Company HRD
-direct recruitment via email.

Your Letter with supporting document will be dispatch same time by courier to
your postal address after receipt of security deposited onfirmation in bank.
The interview process and arrangement expenditure will be paid by SUZUKI
COMPANY. Lodging, traveling and local conveyance actual will be paid by SUZUKI
COMPANY as per bills. The candidate has to deposit the initial refundable
security as mentioned by HRD.NB: You are advice to reconfirm your mailing
address and phone number in your reply and Rs.10,500/- (Ten Thousand Five
Hundred India Rupees only) will be the refundable amount, as 200 rupees will
be deducted as bank charges for funds deposit and if you are been selected or
not, still the amount will be refunded to you, as the amount is just to prove
that you will be coming for the interview in order for us not to run at lost
after sending you the air ticket and you don’t show up on the day of
interview. Wishing you the best of lucks

Shinzo Nakanishi
Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director,

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